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Taking a virtual tour to People’s working spaces

People’s office culture is a composition of rules and behaviors that reflect an increasingly diverse workforce – one that is ranging from experienced-in-the-industry seniors and executives to young graduates employed on hybrid working systems and student interns – and to accommodate such diversity, over the years, People has been able to design and construct the internal physical features of our offices to be suitable for the differing needs that emanate from such a workforce, and further promote inclusivity. We believe in building a diverse workforce and in achieving office equality and change to help cater to the needs of our employees.


Here are some examples pictured from our offices that have been designed, and then redesigned as the culture of inclusion in our office progressed, to provide comfortable, moderately structured spaces for our employees.


Creating centralized sitting areas – to encourage active engagement that would ultimately lead to our employees to gain combined working experiences and overall increase productivity and efficiency by simplifying communication among team members. We were able to introduce modern furniture designs inspired by minimalist concepts, such as bringing in heightened furniture and standing desks or comfortable beanbags assembled together and placed next to windows to create areas that are comparatively relaxed and provide seating spaces for short breathers, or where employees and interns bring their laptops and spend some time working independently.


Open-air spaces – to provide an environment for our employees to have informal gatherings during break times or to have work-related conversations, brain storming sessions, team-based discussions – with a change of pace and perspective – resort to our built-in external spaces that have enough to fit a large group of employees who can sit together to carry out their work sitting outside on a pleasant day.

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