Student Video Game Brings Awareness to Important Causes

Video games have long been a source of entertainment, but now they are becoming a powerful tool for social change. A student-created video game, called “The Last of Us: Part II”, is helping to bring awareness to important causes, such as mental health, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental issues.

The game, created by a team of students from the University of California, Los Angeles, follows the story of two survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. As the player progresses through the game, they are presented with a variety of choices that have an impact on the characters’ lives. These choices range from helping a homeless person find shelter to protecting a vulnerable animal species from extinction.

The game’s design encourages players to think about the consequences of their actions and how they can make a difference in the world. It also raises awareness of social issues, such as mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. As the player navigates the game, they are presented with facts and figures about these issues and are encouraged to take action in the real world.

The game has been praised for its thoughtful approach to raising awareness of important causes. It has been featured in a number of publications, including The New York Times, and has won several awards.

The game is a powerful example of how video games can be used to create social change. It shows that video games can be more than just entertainment; they can be used to educate and inspire people to take action. Hopefully, this game will inspire more students to use video games to bring awareness to important causes.