Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design: Rankings & Review

PIFD is one of the leading fashion schools in Pakistan, renowned for producing top designers and fashion enthusiasts who contribute to the country’s fashion industry. The institute is recognized for its remarkable education quality and esteemed HEC ranking.


PIFD was founded in 1994 and has consistently ranked among the top government universities in Pakistan. It has played a vital role in nurturing future leaders and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.


edurank – Pakistan #501-530
edurank – Lahore #26



Located in Lahore, PIFD offers a remarkable and innovative learning environment for its student body, contributing to their growth and creativity.

Enrollment and Alumni:

With an enrollment of 1200+ students and a strong network of notable alumni, PIFD fosters a dynamic educational community. Notable alumni include:

    • Ali Zeeshan, Fashion Designer
    • HSY, Fashion Designer
    • Hussain Rehar, Fashion Designer
    • Maria B, Fashion Designer
    • Saira Shakira, Fashion Designer

Degree Programs:

PIFD offers a comprehensive range of degree programs, including:

Disciplines Offered:

PIFD offers a wide array of disciplines to foster innovation, creativity, and professionalism among students. Disciplines include:

    • Textile Design
    • Furniture Design
    • Fashion Marketing and Merchandising
    • Jewelry Design
    • Leather Accessories and Footwear
    • Ceramic and Glass Design

Hostel Capacity:

PIFD accommodates female students in its hostels due to a large number of students from different cities. Private hostels for boys are available nearby to ensure comfortable living arrangements.

PIFD is committed to providing excellent quality education, nurturing innovation, creativity, and professionalism among students. The institute actively participates in fashion shows, exhibitions, and competitions both in Pakistan and internationally.

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