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Latest Wheat Rate in Punjab 2023 – Gandum rate in Punjab


We are providing the most recent information on the Latest Wheat Rate in Punjab 2023Gandum rate in Punjab, Sindh, and KPK Price per 40 KG bag through this website. At the beginning of 2023, farmers can purchase wheat on the national market for between 100 and 110 rupees. According to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), wheat imports from Russia are scheduled to begin in 2022. Because of this, in the upcoming year, the rates for 40KGs, or 1 maund, will increase. We have included the Gandum Price in Pakistan 2023 for Punjab, Sindh, and KPK below.

Wheat & Gandum Rate In Punjab 2023

Although the committee has not yet determined the exact price rate, you can purchase in accordance with the following Price Of Gandaum In Punjab, Sindh, And KPK In 2023.

  • Today Wheat Rate in Punjab: Rs. 3900/ per maund
  • Today Wheat Rate in Sindh: Rs. 4000/- per maund
  • Today Wheat Rate in KPK: Rs. 4920/- per maund

The prices shown above for Gandum are in accordance with official rates for Punjab, Sindh, and KPK.

40 kg wheat price in pakistan today

Private wheat in Rawalpindi reportedly cost Rs. 4,000 for 40 kilogrammes. It set a new record for the highest price of wheat in RWP. While during the fiscal year, a 40kg bag of wheat cost Rs.3,900 in Lahore. The price of wheat in Haroonabad reached Rs3,900 per maund, another record in Pakistan. If we examine the price of wheat in Rahim Yar Khan, it has risen to Rs. 3,900 per maund. Wheat was being sold in Peshawar for Rs4,920 for a 40 kilogramme bag. While wheat production in Karachi, Pakistan’s capital and the country’s largest city, was reported to be at Rs. 4,000 per mun.

Wheat Rate in Punjab today:

The local market purchases this wheat, which was once offered for between 100 and 110 rupees per kilogramme and is now available for between 110 and 120 rupees per kilogramme. Wheat prices have already surpassed prior records under the PMLN government, and we are unable to identify any improvements in the budget that would help the situation. Let’s wait and watch which direction the market trend will go. This time, you must continue reading this page to learn the Gandam Price in Punjab, Sindh, and KPK in 2023.

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