IJT condemns DUET VC’s behavior in viral video

In a press conference held on Monday at Karachi Press Club, the students associated with Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) condemned the Vice-Chancellor of Dawood University (DUET) for her alleged disrespectful behavior captured in a viral video. The IJT demanded an immediate apology from the Vice-Chancellor and called for her removal from her position.

Addressing the media, the IJT Professional Zone Coordinator Waqas Rafiq stated that the Vice Chancellor’s behavior, as seen in the viral video, was unacceptable and tarnished the image of academia. The incident occurred on Sunday, when the IJT set up a guidance camp for students entering Dawood University with permission from the city administration.

The Vice Chancellor, along with members of the IJT present, reportedly mistreated students, including those from Dawood University, leading to a confrontation captured on camera. The video subsequently went viral on social media platforms, sparking outrage among students, educators, and the public. The IJT expressed concern over the disrespectful treatment of professors and the esteemed position of the Vice Chancellor, demanding accountability for her actions.

The IJT spokesperson Amaar bin Siraj emphasized that Dawood University is a public institution, and its ownership lies with the students rather than any individual or group. The organization called for the immediate removal of the Vice Chancellor, asserting that her continued presence would lead to further harassment of students.

If the Vice Chancellor fails to apologize for her actions within the next three days, the IJT announced plans for phased protests throughout the city, culminating with demonstrations at the Chief Minister’s House and Governor’s House.

The incident has sparked a renewed discussion about the treatment of students and the conduct expected from academic administrators. As students and the public await the Vice Chancellor’s response, the IJT’s call for accountability continues to gain traction across the nation.

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