HEC resumes universities ranking to foster academic excellence

Islamabad: The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan has announced the resumption of university rankings after an eight-year intermission. This transformative process has been renamed the “HEC National University Ranking 2023” and aims to foster transparency, accountability, and academic excellence within the higher education sector.

In this connection, HEC organised a comprehensive training session for focal persons nominated by 33 universities from the Federal, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Rawalpindi regions. These dedicated focal persons are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand the ranking data collection proformas and provide substantial evidence.

In his address to the participants, Chairman HEC Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed said the Government is keen on the ranking of universities to assess their performance through key performance indicators. “The ranking process will help universities become acquainted with their strengths, identify areas of improvement, and drive excellence in academia. It is a collective effort towards creating a data-driven higher education landscape in Pakistan,” he underlined.

Earlier, in the inaugural ceremony, Executive Director Dr. Shaista Sohail said the ranking process will serve as a compass guiding the trajectory of Pakistani higher education institutions. She said, “It will provide valuable insights into the performance and contributions of our universities, both nationally and globally.” She said that the presence of focal persons of the higher education institutions exemplifies the commitment of higher education community to fostering a culture of transparency and data-driven decision-making.

In her remarks, Managing Director National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE) Ms. Noor Amna Malik said, “Our evaluation framework comprises 69 parameters strategically weighted to provide a comprehensive assessment of university performance. It reflects our commitment to academic precision, research, financial prudence, and societal engagement. I am delighted to share that the HEDR Division will provide you with comprehensive training on understanding the ranking data collection proformas and providing substantial evidence to support your university’s ranking. EduStats, a software familiar to many of you, will streamline the data submission process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. ”

Director-Technical Higher Education Data Repository Division (HEDR) Mr. Abdullah Fayyaz Chattha said, “The resumption of university rankings is a pivotal moment, symbolising our shared commitment to academic excellence and research. We will provide comprehensive training on effectively utilising the EduStats software for seamless data uploading. The software will streamline the process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in ranking data collection.”

The HEC National University Ranking 2023 criteria were finalised after incorporating feedback from universities and national/international experts, ensuring a robust and inclusive ranking process that aligns with the diverse needs of our higher education community. This training session marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards promoting academic excellence and driving positive change in the higher education landscape of Pakistan.

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