First IBL Modaraba offers amazing opportunities to students

We have often seen students struggling to get electronic goods, be it laptops, computers, smartphones, or other devices. Being a student is not easy, and not everyone can afford to have good quality electronic goods, especially in these trying times. With inflation increasing daily at a rapid stage, we see students struggling to focus on their studies as well as doing jobs to earn a little extra. But hey! Don’t worry. We are here with a piece of good news. In this article, we have discussed all the details about the first IBL Modaraba that is offering some of the most amazing opportunities for students. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to discover all the essential details about the first IBL Modaraba offering awesome opportunities for students.

What is IBL Modaraba?

Well, IBL Modaraba is a Pakistan-based financial institution. The first IBL Modaraba is a company that is famously known to be engaged in several Islamic modes of financing as well as operations. These include ijarah, Murabaha as well as musharaka engagements. The first IBL Modaraba was established in 1989, which makes it one of the oldest Modarabas of the Islamic financial sectors. The first IBL Modaraba is one of the best performing Modaraba in Pakistan.

The first IBL Modaraba is now offering one of the most amazing opportunities for students. The best part is that students all over Pakistan can apply. So, the first IBL Modaraba is pioneering in facilitating students with Shariah Compliant products for schools, colleges as well as universities. In this offer, students can purchase smartphones as well as laptops of their own choice, that too very easily. Students from all over Pakistan can avail of this offer, on easy installments in which they can pay these installments on a monthly or even a quarterly basis. Now that’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

The first IBL Modaraba is not only offering laptops and smartphones but they are also offering cameras, tablets, watches as well as desktops. The procedure is not lengthy it is quite simple. The down payment for this opportunity is to be embedded in the fee vouchers, and the financing tenure is up to the graduation of the students. The first IBL Modaraba’s financing starts from 40,000 rupees – 500,000 rupees. The company’s down payment is only 15%.

For all those students wondering if the procedure is lengthy and requires a lot of time? Well, the good news is that the first IBL Modaraba has made it easier for all the students as minimum documentation is required with quick processing. All you have to do is provide authentic documentation which includes only a few things. Students must provide a copy of the applicant’s CNIC, and proof of income which can be of the students themselves, their parents, or their guardians, this can also include proof of business, utility bills, etc. Students also must provide a passport-sized photograph and authorization to know about their degree to the company.

Well, isn’t it easy? The great advantage is that the first IBL Modaraba only requires minimum documentation that too with quick processing. So, there is no hassle, and in no time, students will get their desired electronic gadgets. The procedure quite is easy and simple. The subscription is also assisted through the staff at the first IBL Modaraba.

For more information, feel free to contact the given numbers below or feel free to visit their office at the given address below.

Mobile: 0325-4083946
Landline: 042-35969435-36

Their office is located at 4-L, Main Ferozepur Road, Near Kalma Chowk, Lahore.

We hope this article helped you know about the awesome opportunities for all the students across Pakistan at the first IBL Modaraba.

Best of Luck!

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