Dawood University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) Karachi’s Vice Chancellor, Samreen Hussain, had 5 million rupees fraudulently withdrawn from her bank account by the Nova Group.

According to details, the Vice Chancellor filed a cybercrime complaint in Karachi on August 30th, stating that she received a phone call regarding her bank account, which was being operated at a private bank’s North Nazimabad branch under the name of Ziauddin Hospital. The caller had all her information and requested some verification, which she provided. Later, it was discovered that money had been withdrawn from her account. She then approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) requesting an investigation to apprehend the group responsible for the fraud.

When contacted regarding this matter, Samreen Hussain replied in an unpleasant tone, suggesting that privacy should also be considered by the reporter. Nonetheless, she confirmed her request to the FIA and added that the fraud amount was not 50 million but 45 million rupees, and the attempt to withdraw money from another bank had failed.

Dr Samreen Hussain’s mis-handling of Journalist Asad in the midst of his investigation into her application to the FIA regarding the fraudulent depletion of her bank account by telephone scammers was notably severe. The revelation that a Vice-Chancellor of an Engineering University divulged her private information to these criminals raises significant concerns about the integrity of the merit-based system.

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