BBSUL Assistant Professor Dr. Zafar Sheikh holds dual jobs in Sindh Gov’t

Assistant Professor Dr. Zafar Sheikh of the Department of Computer Science at Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University, Lyari (BBSUL), is illegally holding a dual government job. Dr. Sheikh resigned from the College Education Department as a computer teacher in 2012 and joined Lyari University as a lecturer. He was later promoted to assistant professor.

However, he did not refrain from forgery for his promotion here either. Dr. Sheikh wrote a total of five articles in the same issue of a fake journal published from Mexico. However, it is surprising that the articles were written in Spanish instead of translation.

According to the documents received by Academia Magazine, Dr. Sheikh not only forged to become a professor, but also kept his job while juggling with the College Education Department, which is illegal. The documents reveal that Dr. Sheikh continued to receive salaries from both Lyari University and the College Education Department. In fact, the College Education Department even asked him for an explanation for his absence in 2020. However, it is surprising that Dr. Zafar Ahmed Sheikh was promoted by the College Education Department in 2019, while in reality Dr. Sheikh resigned from the said department in 2012.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Sheikh has been continuously appointed as Acting Registrar, Director QEC, and Director ORIC at Lyari University and is still handling administrative matters instead of teaching computer science. He is a grade 18 employee, while the said posts are of grade 20 and the appointment on them is illegal and a violation of HEC rules.

When Academia Magazine contacted Dr. Sheikh regarding the entire situation, he first denied it and expressed ignorance, saying that if he was promoted by the College Education Department, it is the job of the said department to remove his name from the list, not his. He did not seriously answer the rest of the allegations.

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